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The Wagner Farm Arboretum Farmers’ Market in Warren

Most people head to the Wagner Farm Arboretum in Warren for outdoor recreation. After all, the facility sits on approximately 93 acres of land, where you can hang out with your friends, volunteer, or attend one of the events the arboretum hosts. One of these events is the Farmers’ Market held in the arboretum grounds [...]

Must-try restaurants in and around Bernards Township

Bernards Township is slowly making its way to the list of foodie destinations in Somerset County. From old and loved culinary institutions to new haunts and hangouts, here are some of the must-try restaurants in the Bernards Township area. Mockingbird Cafe 60 S Finley Ave, Basking Ridge Homey and simply delightful, Mockingbird Cafe is a [...]

Interior Decor: Should you hire a pro or DIY it?

Decorating your home is similar to dressing yourself up; you’ll want to make your home look its best and, at the same time, let some personality shine through. A big question a lot of homeowners face, however, is whether to decorate their home themselves or hire the expertise of professional. Which camp are you on? [...]

10 Easy Home Makeover Ideas

With a little effort and creativity, youcan give your home a new look. These quick makeover ideas are so easy, you can probably get most of them done in less than a day. 1. Paint the walls in half Give your walls a simple yet stylish half-and-half makeover. Using a darker hue than their present [...]

Whichluxury home upgrades are worth it? Let’s find out.

These upgrades won’t just make your home look better, they’ll also add significant value as well – without breaking the bank. 1. Bath and kitchen upgrades According to a ConsumerReports study, a modern or updated kitchen is one of the top features millennial buyers are looking for. Kitchen upgrades can add 3 to 7% in [...]

Best restaurants in Warren

Treat your tastebuds to a great meal atthese incredible restaurants tucked away in the wonderful small town of Warren, New Jersey. Silk Road 41 Mountain Blvd, Warren, NJ Known for their scrumptiousAfghan cuisine, Silk Road has been pulling in food lovers not just from Warren, but from all over the state as well.Mouthwatering dishes, great [...]

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Do You Really Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Do you really need to pay good money to have your air ducts cleaned? The short answer is “probably not.” But before you call up dad to chant “I told you so,” it’s important to understand why you probably don’t need to do it — and why we just italicized “probably.” (Because some people actually should. Sorry! Hope [...]

They’ll Think You Cheated and Hired a Pro If You Use These 5 Painting Hacks

DIY home painting tips give you professional results and a whole lot less hassle. Image: Fabio Galeazzo, design/Marco Antunio, photo SHARE THIS Email This Pin This Tweet This TOPICImprove, Remodel, Painting & Lighting Print article A DIY painting job doesn’t have to equal crooked lines, besmirched floors, and ceramic sinks speckled with robin’s egg blue. Use [...]

Love Your Bathroom Forever: 9 Perfect Features

For style, sanctuary, and ROI, you can’t go wrong with these must-haves.   All those pretty photos on all those pretty home design websites are fun to click through — and maddening when it comes time to make bathroom remodeling decisions. Too many choices. We’ve got your back: We distilled all the visual noise down [...]