Great ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal



Putting your home in the market? Get more offers by enhancing curb appeal.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Clean up

    Get started by clearing away dried leaves, twigs, litter, and debris. If you have old furniture, tires, and junk parked in your front yard, put them in storage. A clean and clutter-free lawn not only makes your property more desirable, it also creates the impression of more space. You only have a few minutes to make a positive first impression on potential buyers, so tidy up.

    If you’re dealing with a lot of clutter and not a lot of time, consider hiring professional cleaners.

  2. Get professional landscaping
    Bring in a container garden with blooming plants to add a pop of color to your front yard. Don’t have a green thumb? A professional landscape designer can help you choose the best plants for your yard, as well as make garden improvements that will add value to your home.
  3. Install landscape lighting
    Spruce up your front yard and enhance safety by installing low-voltage outdoor lighting. Use accent lighting to illuminate trees, the front door, or a walking path. Get professional landscaping services for all the necessary excavation and electrical work.
  4. Dress up the front door
    The front door is one of the first things buyers notice about a home, so give yours a fresh coat of paint to make it stand out. Choose a color that either makes a bold statement or complements the rest of the exterior. If your front door is worn and damaged, it’s worth the trouble to have it fixed or get a new one.

    Symmetry is pleasing to the human eye, so try to arrange your lighting fixtures and front door décor in a way that creates visual balance. For example, add a lantern-style sconce on both sides of your front door. Make sure that the sconces are the same size and color to create symmetry.

  5. Replace old or damaged hardware
    Make sure that all knobs, locks, handles, and hinges are working properly. Have them fixed or replaced if necessary. House numbers and wall-mounted mailboxes should also be in excellent condition. Keep in mind that buyers will scrutinize any signs of damage and cosmetic defects, and will bring up these issues to negotiate a lower price.
  6. Add window boxes
    Adding window boxes is one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring color to your home exterior. Window boxes made of copper and iron will give your home a traditional look, while wooden ones will give it a warm and welcoming feel.
  7. Invest in outdoor art
    Give your front yard some character by adding outdoor art pieces like a birdbath, wind chimes, statues, or metal cutouts. Choose artworks that complement your home exterior. You can place several pieces that blend in with your home’s design elements, or you can add a single statement piece that serves as a focal point.

With these tips in mind, your home will be ready for a sale in no time.

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