Mistakes you should avoid when relocating

Most people think relocating is a stressful experience. The fact of the matter is with enough preparation, moving homes can be smooth and stress-free for everybody involved. Avoiding the following mistakes will guarantee you the best-case scenario for your big move.

  1. Renting out your home but not planning it wisely.

    Renting out your home is a great way to generate income and can turn out to be a great investment. Proper management, however, is the key to rental success. Most people go on and have their homes rented out without having any idea on how to properly do it.

    If you’re planning on turning your old home into a rental, prepare ahead. Do some research on how to collect rent and other things you need to do to be a great landlord/lady. Create a separate account to take care of property maintenance, and make sure to have enough finances to pay your mortgage during vacancies.

  2. Replicating your old home in your new house.

    It’s a new house, which means a new start. Some people, however, like to arrange things the way they did back in their old home. They do it to try to make the transition easier and lessen the impact of relocation, particularly on children.

    Regardless of the intention, replicating the living environment you once had in your old home can be a bad idea. It can create tension and stress, especially if you’re not successful in this endeavor. Additionally, it creates a boundary between your family and the new experiences to be had in your new home. Embrace the change and slowly adapt.

  3. Putting items on storage… and forgetting about it.

    Sorting out your things before relocating is an important step: you figure out which ones you will keep, donate, and sell. Some people opt to keep some things such as old furniture in storage, with plans of eventually moving it into the new home when the right time comes.

    While there’s nothing bad in storing possessions you don’t intend of letting go, it’s best to move all the items you want to keep into your new home. For one, it saves you money– storage is not free, after all. There is also the fact that it’s quite easy to forget the stuff you’ve put into storage. Once you’ve remembered these items on storage, they might not have a place in your home anymore.

  4. Neglecting to check on the local schools.

    If you have children (or you’re planning to have one in the near future), make sure to check on the local school district or private schools within the area. Aside from getting to know whether these schools perform well and offer great programs, you’ll also want to know whether these schools can accommodate your kids. This can disrupt how your kid handles the transition. So, do your research about local schools before you commit to a property.

These mistakes can be easily avoided with due diligence and enough preparation. Check our blog for more home buying, selling, and moving tips. You can also get in touch with us at 753-4450 x120 or 908-229-6253 for more information about Central New Jersey real estate.