Affordable outdoor projects you should try

Do-it-yourself outdoor projects can be a fun, personal undertaking or an avenue where you can bond with your family. These affordable upgrades will not only increase your handiness skill but also spruce up your yard. Who knew improving your home’s curb appeal could be so fun?

  1. A DIY fence
    Fences are helpful– it adds much-needed privacy to your home, defines property lines, beautifies your yard, and increases the overall value of the property. And do you know you can build your own yard for only a thousand bucks?

    Start by sketching a design around your property to calculate just how much wood you need. Also look up for the kind of wood you want for your fence. Cut it down according to your design specs. Call in the expertise of a professional to mark areas where you can safely dig, avoiding pipes and utility cables. Lastly, rent an auger, which you will use to dig holes.

    Once there are enough holes for the fence posts, it’s time to assemble. Other things you can do to increase its appeal is to apply stain. Wood preservatives are also helpful and can help protect your fence from the elements for years.

  2. A built-in garden tool organizer
    Let’s face it– it’s quite daunting and tiring to have to go back and forth to your garage every single time you have to do some bit of gardening. One solution is to build a garden tool organizer, where you can stash all your tools such as trowels, spades, and rakes, neatly. It would also look great!

    What you need to create a built-in garden tool organizer are a couple of PVC pipes, wall studs, and pre-cut lumber. Sketch a design to get a rough idea of how you want it to look like, then get to work. You can read more about the whole process here.

  3. A neat and polished landscaping thanks to concrete edging
    There are a couple of ways you can keep grass and weeds from running amok in your garden. We highly suggest concrete edging. This easy DIY project can be made with less than 20 bucks and makes your curb look clean and defined.Start off by defining borders in your yard using wood stakes and bender boards. If you’re not too confidence doing this spontaneously, sketch a design that will help you identify the curb’s form. Once the bender board and wood stakes are held in place, pour concrete and use and edging trowel to make the curb look smooth and professionally done. For more information, check out this page.
  4. A tiled driveway
    A tiled driveway can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal and make it one of the most beautiful properties in the neighborhood. This project can cost you only $3 per square meter, which beats the ten bucks per square meter a professional will charge you. All you need to do prepare a mortar mixture in a bucket, spread it into a tile mold, and place the tile.

    It’s easier said than done, but it’s a project that will be worth all your time and effort. You can check out this page for more details.

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