7 Luxury home must-haves


In a nutshell, the features of a luxury home largely depends on its owner. Some luxury properties are as lavish as royal abodes, while some are more modern yet still well-appointed. Other common amenities include Olympic-sized swimming pools, gourmet kitchens, backyard sports facilities, and other in-home conveniences. The following seven features, however, are widely regarded as must-haves for any kind of luxury home. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Open floor plan

    In a 2013 survey on luxury homes conducted by Coldwell Banker, it was revealed that an open floor plan is a definite must-have in a luxury home. Nothing projects space as well as an expansive open floor plan. Decorate it well with the right furnishings and you’ve got a luxury home that will make your friends green with envy.

  2. Plenty of storage space

    It has become a necessity for wealthy home buyers to have a home with plenty of storage in the kitchen. But another storage feature they want is located in the bedroom. Nowadays, home buyers are looking for walk-in closets or dressing rooms– better if there are separate spaces for men and women.

    A luxury home’s dressing room should have ample shelves, cabinets for purses, neckties, and expensive jewelry, racks for shoes, the right kind of lighting, and of course, mirrors to help you pick the right look for the occasion.

  3. Smart technology

    Is a luxury home really a luxury home if it isn’t outfitted with the latest technology? For a lot of home buyers, the resounding answer is no. A luxury home need not have a sophisticated array of high-end technology. Sometimes, a security system you can easily control on your phone is enough to win somebody over.

    Despite the growing popularity of home automation devices, home buyers are growing increasingly aware of their respective carbon footprints. This makes reclaimed materials a rising trend in home design, and one that goes well with smart home technology.

  4. Gym

    When it comes to the subject of modern conveniences, there’s nothing as convenient as having your very own gym in your home. It saves you the money for a gym membership, and the time you spend going to the facility. Aside from strength and cardio equipment, a luxury home’s fitness center should have some form of entertainment and post-workout relaxation. Perhaps a sauna or an indoor pool.

  5. Gourmet kitchen with wine cellar and plenty of storage

    The kitchen is the heart of a home, and a luxury residence is not complete with a commercial-grade kitchen, equipped with the best appliances and outfitted with a walk-in pantry, a wine cellar, and other necessary yet top-of-the-line fixtures. Bonus points for a gourmet kitchen with plenty of storage.

  6. Spa bathroom

    Nothing says “relax” as well as a luxury home with a stunning spa bathroom, complete with head-to-toe shower jets, a jacuzzi soaker tub, and heated floors for when the temperatures drop to keep the space warm and toasty. Some luxury properties have spa bathrooms adjoined with a walk-in closet for sheer luxury and convenience.

  7. Location

    You’ve probably heard this a couple of times, but location is everything. For a lot of home buyers, the more exclusive the location of the luxury property, the better.

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