Your guide to shopping in Warren

Shopping Guide

Warren Township in Somerset County is an attractive place to live in for a multitude of reasons, and that includes shopping. Let’s explore retail opportunities in and around Warren for the best finds.

  1. Warren Village Shopping Center

    One of the busiest places in Warren, the Warren Village Shopping Center is the main shopping center in the community, offering a wide variety of retail opportunities. There is a supermarket in the facility, a bank, a package delivery service provider, and a Starbucks, among other tenants. Parking is not a problem, as the Warren Village Shopping Center offer on-site parking for approximately 300 cars.

    Warren Village Shopping Center is a local institution and is the go-to place among locals for groceries and a nice cup of coffee. It is located along 82 Mountain Boulevard.

  2. Hillary’s Fashion Boutique

    Plenty of Warren locals have gone to Hillary’s Fashion Boutique to score great fashion finds for the past fifteen years. Browse through Hillary’s racks and you’ll find a wide range of clothing for women and children. One of the great things about Hillary’s Fashion Boutique is that it offers the latest styles in clothing in different price points.

    Whatever the occasion, you’ll find something at Hillary’s Fashion Boutique. It is located at 177 Washington Valley Road.

  3. Gisele’s Unique Shop

    A popular women’s clothing store, Gisele’s Unique Shop has several things going for it. First, this retail store is located in one of the most historic landmarks in Warren, making it not just a shopping destination, but a historic attraction as well. Second, Gisele’s Unique Shop offers a wide selection of women’s clothing, so much so that the customers from all over Somerset County travel to Warren to check out the offerings. Last but not the least, you’re guaranteed to find something worth your while, as Gisele’s has long fostered lasting relationships with a long list of talented designers.

    Gisele’s Unique Shop is located at 53 Mountain Boulevard.

  4. Walgreens

    Your all-around drugstore chain, Walgreens brings to Warren a long list of services as well as health and beauty products. Drop by after you’ve finished your retail therapy at Gisele’s or Hillary’s as Walgreen’s is only a couple of meters away from these two boutiques.

    Walgreen’s Warren branch is located at 110 Mountain Boulevard Ext.

  5. Bardy Farms

    Known as one of the best gardens and farm markets in Somerset County, Bardy Farms is the number one go-to place for fresh and organic produce, as well as some of the prettiest flowers in town. Bardy Farms was established in 1904 and is still trusted among Warren locals.

    Bardy Farms is open seven days a week, from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening. You can find this historic farm market and garden center at 149 Washington Valley Road.

There are more shopping to be had in Warren– there is a long list of shopping centers located in neighboring communities. To explore Warren real estate, get in touch with me today at 908-753-4450 x120 or 908-229-6253.